Post Your Resume

Creating your own resume page involves 3 steps:


Determining which files you want to show on your personal resume page (such as your Microsoft Word resume, perhaps a 2 inch wide picture of yourself, letters of reference and any preserved articles about your accomplishments, certificates or professional credentials). Usually, all you need is your resume.
In this step, make sure they are in a known folder on your computer as you will need them for step 2.


Start an email to and attach as many of these files as your email program will permit. (This is usually one MB or less.) If necessary, you can easily send as many emails with necessary attachments. Note: as you are composing your first email, include the following information in the body of your first email: 1. Your full name and email and best phone number 2. Your preference for your resume address. Specify the order of your preferences for a unique web page address. For instance, if your name is Marty L. Smith and there might be other Marty Smiths already using this sedrvice, state the order of your preferences for your web page address:

Once you submit your preferences (and the resume and any other accompanying files for your personalized website), you will receive your website address in an email. From then on, you will be able to send it to friends, relatives, acquaintances and especially prospective employeers. There, on one page, will be all your career information.


Once your personal resume page is posted and you receive and can use your personal career page, you will receive an email bill for only $9 (plus NY state sales tax). This covers our web hosting expenses and the time it takes to assemble your files and prepare them and then post them on your web page. We are trying to keep our price low because we know when you are seeking employment, you want to keep your expenses as low as possible. You may choose to wait to see your web page before you receive an email bill for this service. Alternatively, you can process your payment now using this PayPal button:

When you get your dream career position, you may wish to not have your resume posted on your own web page. While you are no longer sending the link around to prospective employers, it probably wouldn't hurt to leave it up there anyhway. Nevertheless, if you no longer want it posted, toss us an email with your full name and your web page address and tell us to remove it.

* Try your best to send us your resume containing exactly what you want so we can avoid multiple times of reposting your resume.

Of course, if you have any questions or comments,
feel free to contact us during normal day-time business hours at
(716) 218-0326 or by email at


Best wishes in your search!
In the near future, we will partner with another service to help you write the best resume possible.